Collaboration Week 2023: We All Make The Flowers Grow

In the week 23-27 Jan 2023, the KABK Collaboration Week brings all 1st-year KABK students together to participate in collaborative, interdisciplinary workshops.

Join us for the final performances, presentations & exhibitions on Friday 27 Jan 2023 from 1-4pm at various locations in the academy!

Through lots of experimentation, dialogue and curiosity, the students will develop and exchange methods for organising collaborative art projects. They will discover that interdisciplinary making offers the doors to new ways of creating, thinking, seeing, and presenting that are not possible in a single discipline.

Collaboration Week departs from the principle of making together. The week fundamentally questions the normative ways of making, learning and relating. It offers an alternative to autonomous practice.

  • How might we all depend on others to tackle the world's most pressing issues?
  • And how can our skills, interests and talents be organised in such a way as to produce work that isn’t possible alone?

The collaboration weeks is about exploring spaces in between disciplines, together.



27 januari 2023 13.00 - 16:00


Various locations in the academy