The Photography workshops offer space, equipment and counselling for all KABK students who want to create pictures or video clips. We have three studios dedicated to photography and video. Every student at the KABK can use them, after having followed an introductory session.

The White Studio has Broncolor flash equipment and is mostly used for portrait and model photography. It is also the most convenient place when you want to work with daylight.

The Black Studio is provided with professional LED lighting for making simple video clips and for continuous light photography. It also features a green screen for chroma keying.

The Big Studio offers Profoto flash equipment and it is suitable for close-up portraits, tabletop photography and for classical photography lessons.

The Photography workshops include a Printing room with five professional Canon photo printers. You can make photo quality prints yourself here, up to a maximum of A2 format. In this room you can also find scanners for digitising your negatives and slides.

The Academy has a small but fully equipped Darkroom where you can develop and print black & white film. There is a section for developing films and a section where black & white enlargements can be made, by a maximum of five students simultaneously.

The Photography Rental (PB.101) is the heart of the Photography workshops. This is the place to be when you want to book studio space, need help when struggling with photographic issues or when you want to borrow or hire photography gear. Our Rental offers professional cameras, lenses, portable flashes and more. Our equipment is intended primarily for Photography students, yet other students can hire most of the equipment too if they can demonstrate to be experienced enough to handle them. Students can find an overview in the Equipment section on the KABK Portal.

More information

On the KABK portal you will find more information about the opening hours and contact info of the workshop supervisors.