The Computer Workshop is the KABK’s home to iMacs, scanners and printers. It is a space that offers a whole host of possibilities, and students are free explore the equipment, with the assistance of workshop staff, if needed.


Unique to the workshop are the 27-inch iMacs with enough internal storage to carry out complex tasks. Students can draw and design in 2D and 3D using software by Adobe and other suppliers. Printing is possible in full colour and black and white on a variety of types of paper from numerous printers including A4, A3 and 44-inch. Students are invited to not just ‘print’ but to experiment with the possibilities that the workspace provides.

The Computer Workshop has a fully equipped training room to provide introductory courses to students and alumni. The workshop staff is eager to help students with their experimentations. They also have apt hardware knowledge and are always available to assist with operating systems and/or HD crashes.

More information

On the KABK portal you will find more information about the opening hours and contact info of the workshop supervisors.