Noheul Lee

Noheul Lee (SKR) studeerde in 2018 af aan de KABK in de masteropleiding Type Media.

Genomineerde afdelingsprijs Type Media 2018

Afstudeerproject 2018

«Areon»: A Hangul and Latin type family with translation contrast

«Areon» is a typeface supporting two scripts: Latin and Hangul, it can be used as a text typeface for editorial design. This project began by exploring the relationship between Latin and Hangul, and the subtle side of inverted and low contrast. It is a warm and lively typeface, with an informal touch, inspired by flat brush calligraphy. It is intended for text typeface with a strong personality that shows a quirky and humanist look. It consists of a family of three styles (Roman, italic, and Hangul) with six weights for each: from light to bold. Arion can be used for body text and headline in a wide range of situations. Its name comes from Greek mythology: a poet and musician, his name means “Enchanted” and “Melodious”.