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As a non-EEA student, you’ll probably need a visa and/or residence permit to stay and study in the Netherlands.

It is not possible to arrange this yourself. The Royal Academy of Art will apply for your entree visa and/or residence permit after you have been officially admitted to your study programme, uploaded the required documents and transferred your tuition fee, the visa application fee and your living fee to the academy’s bank account.

Provisional Residence Permit (MVV)

Students not coming from the EU/EEA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom or the USA first need a Provisional Residence Permit (Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf (MVV).

This is an entree visa, required for travel to the Netherlands if a student plans to stay longer than three months. The combined MVV/VVR application procedure is called Entry and Residence (Toegang en Verblijf/TEV) procedure. During the application procedure for an MVV it will be determined whether the student meets all the requirements for a Dutch residence permit (VVR) in the Netherlands, before arriving in the country.

An MVV is a sticker that is placed in the passport by the Dutch embassy of your home country and it allows the student to cross the border into the Netherlands.

Students will have to pay a handling fee (administration fee) of €192-, to the Royal Academy of Art in advance. Please see below (VVR) for more details.

Please note: if students need an MVV and they come to the Netherlands without one, they will have to go back to their country to get an MVV first!

Residence permit (VVR)

Students of an EEA member state (or Switzerland) do not need a Dutch residence permit. For their enrolment as a student and registration with the municipality, their valid passport/national identity card is sufficient.

All other newly accepted non-EEA students will receive information and instructions about the application for a residence permit (VVR) for study purposes in the framework of their registration. For the application, students should submit all the relevant documents (as listed below) by uploading these to their Osiris Online Application.

The Royal Academy of Art will submit the VVR application before the arrival of the student in the Netherlands.

Students will have to pay the VVR handling fee (administration fee) of €192 to the Royal Academy of Art in advance. Paying the fee does not automatically mean that the application will be granted! The fee must be paid even if the application is turned down. Changing the purpose of stay from a different purpose to study on a residence permit is regarded as a new application and it also costs €192.

Renewal VVR for study purpose (for instance, from Bachelor to Master studies) also costs €192.

Please find more details on the VVR handling fee here.

Required documents for application residence permit

The requirements and necessary documents to get a Dutch study residence permit are listed below and apply to all students who need a Dutch study residence permit. Therefore, all non-EEA students, with the exception of Swiss nationals, will need to upload the following documents through our online application portal Osiris.

For your residence permit we need a scanned copy of your valid passport with all stamped pages (except empty pages) in one upload.

Scanned copy of an original completed and signed IND Antecedents Certificate to confirm that you do not have a criminal record.

Declaration of intent to undergo a Tuberculosis (TB) test. Once students have arrived in the Netherlands, some students will have to undergo a tuberculosis examination. The costs to undergo a TB test are against your own expense (approximately 50 euro). Some nationalities are exempted from taking the test, you can find the exemptions here.

Chinese students only need to submit a Nuffic Certificate. Please find here more information on how to apply for one.

The final requirement is that you can proof that you have sufficient financial means to pay for the cost of study and living in the Netherlands: at least € 921 per month / €11,100 per year. You can only proof your sufficient financial means by transferring the full amount of the living fee (€11,100) to the academy’s bank account in advance. This amount will be returned to you upon your arrival in the Netherlands and after you have opened a Dutch bank account. It goes without saying that in the meantime your money is safe with us and if for any reason you will not be studying with us, we will refund the amount immediately.

After we have received all the documents listed above and the payment of 1) your tuition fee (€7,500), 2) the residence permit handling fee (€ 192) and your living fee (€11,100) we will start the application of your study residence permit.

Requirements after arriving in the Netherlands

As soon as the residence permit application is received by the IND, the Royal Academy of Art will receive a confirmation letter from the IND, as a proof of the application. This letter will serve students as (provisional) proof of their legal stay in the Netherlands. By then, students should go to a nearby IND desk during regular opening hours, in order to have their biometric information registered.

After the academy has received the confirmation letter from the IND, you will be invited to register your biometric information at a nearby IND desk. You will need to register a passport photo, fingerprints and signature.

If an applicant meets all the requirements, the IND will grant a VVR, strictly for studying in the Netherlands.

As soon as the residence permit application is approved, the Royal Academy of Art will receive a notification letter for the student from the IND. To receive their residence permit from a nearby IND desk, students have to make an appointment in advance.

Students who do not need an MVV-sticker, will need to go to the IND desk twice after your arrival in the Netherlands: the first time to leave your biometric information for your VVR (residence permit) and the second time to pick up the residence permit. The Student Administration will assist you in this procedure and you can make your appointments with the IND through the Student Administration:

Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst/IND
Rijnstraat 8
2515 XP
Den Haag
+31 88 0430 430

After you have picked up your residence permit, please make sure to stop by the Student Administration, so we can make a copy of it.



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