Meet the campaign team of the Graduation Show 2022

25 mei 2022

Whoop whoop, the count down to the Graduation Show taking place from 1 to 5 July has started! From 1 June onwards tickets can be bought.

Edward Dzulaj (BA Graphic Design and MA Type and Media 2021) and Vincent Rheinberger (BA Graphic Design 2021) are creating this years' campaign visuals.

Every year alumni can respond to an open call to create the campaign image for the Graduation Show. A group is chosen from the selection. They create the visuals for the campaign. This is what Vincent and Edward can say about their project:

Each year during the Graduation Show the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague presents their newly graduated alumnus. Years at the academy have shaped them into individual creative explorers which are ready to build the future. Through exploration and research, they are prepared to contribute to society.

With our concept and visuals, we want to express a playful approach which stands for students not being afraid of playfulness, exploration and experimentation during their time at the academy. The shapes are chosen abstract and not figurative. Our starting point was basic shapes like circle squares or triangles which over time led to other individual shapes. The abstract shapes and colours symbolise the thoughts and experiments which happen at the academy. We wish that students don’t lose curiosity and playfulness in their process after their studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Keep an eye on our Instagram for the visuals!