Launch of publication 'Listening: A Research Method in Art & Design'

23 april 2024

Royal Academy of Art (KABK) the Hague is pleased to announce the launch of the latest title in a series that explores how research methods are interpreted and employed by creative practitioners at KABK, the Royal Conservatoire (KC) the Hague, and beyond.

The first edition of the project focused on walking (2020); the second centred the sense of touch (2022). And this third iteration tunes into the registers of listening and the sonic.

The 240-page, full-colour publication is packed with interviews, essays, instructions, reports and quotations, and reflections on the findings—but also the dilemmas and failures—of research projects premised on listening. Representing disciplines as diverse as photography, furniture design, interior architecture, fine arts, sonology, artistic research and art-science, the contributors address topics ranging from anechoic chambers and antennae to weather satellites, whispering and zikr.

We hope this pocket-sized publication will accompany you in your encounters with the sonic, providing support for how to deepen a listening practice, as well as practicable prompts for how to begin one.


Jack Bardwell, spatial designer, radiomaker and KABK alum
Justin Bennett, audiovisual artist and KC Institute of Sonology tutor
Channa Boon, artist and KABK tutor
Louis Braddock Clarke, artist, researcher and KABK alum and tutor
Femke Dekker (aka Loma Doom), DJ, sound practitioner and KABK tutor
Benjamin Earl, designer, media artist and KABK alum and tutor
Cocky Eek, spatial artist and KABK-KC tutor
Cecilie Fang, artist, writer and KABK student
Martin Hurych, artist, curator and KC research associate
Christine Hvidt, artist and KABK-KC alum
Carl Johan Högberg, artist and KABK department co-head
Lance Laoyan, acoustic ecologist and KABK alum
Guy Livingston, pianist, radiomaker and KC alum and PhD candidate
Myles Merckel, art-science practitioner and KABK-KC alum
Sandipan Nath, industrial designer and KABK alum
Angelina Nonaj, artist and KABK alum
Gabriel Paiuk, composer, sound artist and DocArtes alum and KC tutor
Ege Şahin, composer, sound artist and KC student
Christian Schwarz, data sonifier, critical engineer and KABK-KC alum
Salomé Voegelin, sound theorist and professor, University of Arts London

Edited by: Alice Twemlow
Designed by: Niels Schrader

Published by: KABK Design Lectorate, April 4, 2024, The Hague

Books are available for purchase (10 euro) using this link or from bookstores including: Page Not Found, Underbelly and Sans Seriffe.