Imelda Schoutens and Imke Janssen (School for Young Talent) winners photo contest Rijksmuseum

25 september 2023

Imelda Schoutens and Imke Janssen from the School for Young Talent have won a photo contest of the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum organises a photo competition every year especially for secondary school and vocational students in both the Netherlands and the Caribbean. They received a total of 200 impressive entries, of which the top 10 will hang in the museum.

The photographs of Imelda and Imke will be part of the exhibition 'Mounir Raji photographs tourism' and opens on Friday, September 29, 2023. The exhibition can be visited until 14 January 2024. This year, the Rijksmuseum asked the young people: Give us your unique holiday feeling with your photo series. Or show us why your vacation time isn't that much fun at all. Keep it personal or delve into someone else's holiday plans. Because what does the holiday of foreign tourists actually look like?

Imelda Schoutens about her project:

Where I live it is a quiet and peaceful place for most of the year, a real village. But there is a short period in which that picture completely changes. As soon as the first hyacinths colour the fields, people from all over the world come to my backyard. All with one goal on their bucket list: a photo in the famous fields. With a selfie stick in hand, no obstacle is too big and this produces absurd scenes.

Imke Janssen about her project

Until 7 months ago I lived in Singapore and I mainly knew the Netherlands from tourist postcards. Since I moved to the Netherlands, I want to correct this distorted image through this photo series. Through these postcards I show the contrast between the idyllic image of the Netherlands that I used to have, and the more everyday reality that I now experience.

The exhibition

Every year since 1975, the Rijksmuseum has asked a Dutch photographer to portray a current theme. Together, these photos form an image of the Netherlands over the years. This year the Rijksmuseum asks photographer Mounir Raji to portray the theme of tourism. Not only in the Netherlands, but also on the six islands in the Caribbean that are part of our Kingdom.