Call: help a student and become a host

14 juni 2023

Due to the major housing shortage, gemeente Den Haag and educational institutions in The Hague started a collaboration with Hospi Housing. Hospi Housing revives the concept of homestay by connecting (international) students to local hosts and guest families. In Utrecht alone this way they help over 100 students each year.

Renting out a room is for temporary periods and in most cases there is no permit needed. Hospi Housing offers personal advice and helps to find the perfect match. Being a host is enriching, fun and provides a nice extra income. For hosts and guest families the service is free, students pay a one-time fee.

Each year thousands of students in The Hague struggle to find a room. And that’s why we need you. Do you want advice about what it can do for you? Or do you know someone with a spare room? Check or send an email to

Are you a student and looking for a room? Find your new home via this page of Hospi Housing.