Alum Rafael Roncato wins Dummy Award 2023

13 februari 2024

Congrats to alum Rafael Roncato who is one of the five winners of the Dummy Award 2023 with the photobook Tropical Trauma Misery Tour! The Dummy award is the international competition for the best unpublished photobook dummies of the year. Roncato studied Master Photography and Society and he currently also gives workshops and teaches IST courses at the academy.

Out of 50 shortlisted books, five winning titles were carefully selected, taking into account public and curators' votes from the seventeen venues where the shortlist has been exhibited. Rafael will receive a 25% production grant for printing the book at MAS printing house, Istanbul and the full promotion support of Dummy Award.

Ângela Berlinde, jury member, artist, curator and researcher says: "Intriguing and thought-provoking, the “Tropical Trauma Misery Tour” photobook of the Brazilian Rafael Roncato is a brilliant foray into the style of a detective novel, unfolding against the media spectacle surrounding Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro—The Myth. The focus on the pivotal year of 2018, marked by Bolsonaro’s stabbing during a polarized presidential campaign, sees the former president assuming a central role in an online political campaign where he maintains complete control over his narrative and self-presentation.

The book stands as a testament to creativity, audacity, and exceptional intelligence. I was thoroughly captivated by its enchanting and exotic style, adeptly exploring the intricate political narratives shaping our world. Through a captivating blend of creative elements and editorial tactics, this book emerges as a vital tool, encouraging individuals to widely disseminate its message while condemning the dangers associated with misinformation. The blending of reality becomes a mode of resistance, unfolding as a meta-drama within the realm of political farce. This magnificent piece serves as an ironic guide, decoding the intricacies of Brazilian politics and media manipulation. It not only visually captures the impact of events but also acts as a potent gauge of the blurred line between truth and political performance.

A must-see for those seeking a visual journey into the heart of contemporary Brazilian political discourse, and for other countries that are contagiously impacted by this powerful farce."

About the Dummy Award

The Dummy Award, formerly known as the Kassel Dummy Award, is the international competition for the best unpublished photobook dummies of the year. Starting 2023 the PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne together with its sponsor and partner MAS Matbaa; Istanbul has taken over the award and will lead it into a bright future.