Peter Zuiderwijk

Graduation/Impact tutor (MAPS), Visiting tutor (INSIDE)

Designer Peter Zuiderwijk is part of Collective Works (The Hague, the Netherlands), a collaborative work-structure that was founded together with Karin Mientjes.

Starting from an expanded notion of design, Collective Works actively engages with the context they are in. This not only includes the physical site and its surroundings, but also, and particularly, the social relationships that make it into a place or entity. By orchestrating actions, intervening in the social fabric and providing platforms for exchange, Collective Works not only initiates or shapes the project, but also actively creates its context(s), often engaging with places and people over a longer period of time. The work can take the form of activist campaigns, institutional programming, analytical reflections, situational identity branding, spatial proposals, research based publishing, social interventions or educational frameworks. Implemented tactics, dispositions and methodologies derive from a curious mindset and an ongoing desire to have open exchanges.