Martijn van de Wiel

Docent 'Exploratory Sketching' bij de Master Industrial Design

Martijn van de Wiel has been teaching Exploratory Sketching at the Master Industrial Design programme of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) since 2018.

Martijn van de Wiel is a creative entrepeneur, founder of Sketchdrive and creator of the Design Sketching label. He is based in The Hague where he operates from his downtown studio surrounded by artists and creative professionals from all disciplines. Most of his activities evolve around the Inspirational Power of Sketching, a subject he is highly passionate about.

Martijn created the Design Sketching label to share insight and experience on the subject of ‘sketching to create’. He regurlarly posts inspiring sketches and video tutorials directly from his studio- and classroom demos. He is currently producing and teaching a series of online design sketching courses to help aspiring creatives worldwide boost their sketching skills and leverage their creative potential. With a background in Industrial Design and more than 15 years experience in teaching courses and workshops at international design schools and innovative companies, Martijn has developed a unique approach in effective training of the sketching skill. His popular hands-on courses and workshops are reviewed as ‘fast learning’ and ‘eye-opening’ experiences.

As founder and CEO of Sketchdrive, Martijn reaches out to the worlds most passionate creative professionals to help them connect and share their expertise with a worldwide community of learners. With the Sketchdrive team he is on a mission to make creative skill training available and affordable to all. To do so, Martijn and his team have developed a visual feedback tool embedded in an interactive platform for creative education. Sketchdrive now offers a variety of bite-sized interactive courses to all lifelong learners looking for an instant boost of their creative skills.