Christoph Seyferth

Studio tutor

Christoph Seyferth is a studio tutor in the BA department of Interior Architecture & Furniture Design and occasionally teaches in the MA Industrial Design at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

Christoph Seyferth (Cologne, DE) grew up surrounded by culture and creative work. His parents both are craftsmen and designers and have a studio at home. They left Germany in 1968 when NL was hip and Germany dull. Christoph started at an art academy, but dropped out one year later. Since then, he worked in many different design contexts.

His initial apprenticeship was being the assistant for the well-known Czech designer Bořek Šípek. Working day and night, eating and cooking together, and often sent abroad to get things done at well-known companies like Vitra or manufacturers in Asia. It was an exciting and formative time.  At 25, he started his own studio and soon developed multiple projects, because he was eager to experiment, and said yes to all opportunities that came his way. Interiors, exhibition design, applied arts, industrial design, acting as committee member, and teaching.

Around his early forties he started to develop his own design projects. For him, the most important thing is to find the best possible balance between ‘head and hands’: Starting with a good idea, he goes through all necessary iterations until the final product has completely matured.