Astrid Korporaal

Theory and Writing

Astrid Korporaal is a curator, researcher and writer based in Amsterdam. Her PhD research looks at transcultural co-authorship in contemporary moving image artworks, and ways that curators and writers can support these solidarities and alliances across the colonial divide. Her research is supported by a Collaborative Doctoral Award between Kingston University and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.   

Astrid holds an M.A. in Global Arts from Goldsmiths University in the United Kingdom and a B.A. in Arts, Culture and Media from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Previously, she was Research Curator for the Frames of Representation film festival, Curator of Education Partnerships at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Co-Founder and Director of Almanac Projects in London and Turin, and Assistant Curator of nomadic curatorial collective FormContent. She has written articles for publications such as Art Monthly, Arte e Critica, Rekto Verso, de Nederlandse Boekengids, NECSUS European Journal of Media Studies, Performance Paradigm and Archivo Papers Journal.  

Curated exhibitions and projects include ‘Processing Space-Times’ at Nieuw Dakota (2021), ‘Love Letters’ at Almanac Projects (2021), ‘#almanaccare’ at Almanac Projects (2020), ‘Khairani Barokka – Annah: Nomenclature’ at ICA London (2018), ‘Films by Trinh T Minh-ha’ at Hong Kong Arts Centre (2018), ‘Bad Vibes Club: Feeling Bad’ at ICA London (2017), ‘Mr. & Mrs. Philip Cath and lovers’ at Almanac Projects (2016), ‘FB55’ at ICA London (2015), ‘Samara Scott – Lonely Planet’ at Almanac Projects (2014), ‘Jason Gomez – Parallel Pictures’ at Almanac Projects (2014) and ‘Derek Di Fabio – Yslands’ at Almanac Projects (2014).