The Book Buffet -

We were about to meet at Page Not Found
Show our books, drink beer and hang around
We were ready to blow your mind so excitedly
Bring you love with our designs so eagerly

Suddenly, something unexpected took place
We found ourselves completely stuck in space
But we still want to show you what we have done
So we welcome you to join our virtual home-run

Say hello to our digital book exhibition
A library of beautiful books was our ambition
presents 43 brand new designs
Go through all of the pages! Not only spines!

Participating 2nd year Graphic Design students:
Pasha Radich | Ieva Gailiušaitė | Dahsuel Jung | Daniel Jurkschat | Emir Karyo | Ashger Zamana | Julia Waraksa Thora Thogersen | Aiym Zhaishylyk | Petra Eros | Camila Chebez | Pınar Kazak | Charlotte van Alfen | Jonas Paberzis | Marieke Dijsselhof | Moritz von Laufenberg | Paolo Vigliotti | Binnie Kwon | Jesús Jiménez | Ola Rubik | Yeeun Kim | Ania Pravorotskaya | Lottie Holme | Agnar Freyr Stefánsson | Jan Wojda | Weronika Uyar | Ro Antia | Szymon Hernik | Kirill Noskov | Nerile Ričkutė Robin Wielink | Dawun Chung | Hyeonjeong Joo | Radina Yotova | Lisa Dieterle | Eunseo Hyun | Paulina Trzeciak | Jules Janssen | Harrison Tyrer | Fleurine Brijker | Marcos Kueh



17 april 2020 10.00 - 12:00