Studium Generale - Tijs Goldschmidt

Tijs Goldschmidt writes about a great variety of topics such as biological diversity, ecology and evolution, but also on anthropology, visual arts and occasionally literature. Goldschmidt can be seen as an essayist rather than a science writer. Someone who generates (unorthodox) ideas, reflects on them and hopes to inspire the reader.

Studium Generale Lecture Tijs Goldschmidt on 12 October 2017
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Communication with people and other animals

In his lecture Goldschmidt will elaborate on non-verbal communication by animals, including human beings. Animal play, signals in mate choice, camouflage, but also conspicuousness to attract attention of conspecifics or others will play a role in his talk. In the project ‘De Kijkclub’ by the Torpedotheater, Goldschmidt makes comparisons and connections between the human being and the rest of the animal world. In this project he would lead the visitor into the world of the cleavage (decolleté) and research how the cleavage plays a part in life.

Bio – Tijs Goldschmidt (Amsterdam, 1953) is a Dutch writer and evolutionary biologist. He wrote several books. In January 2018 The Other Left Side, a collection of his essays, will appear in English. Since 1 March 2012, Goldschmidt is writer in residence of the Artis Bibliotheek, which is part of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Since 2008, Tijs Goldschmidt is advisor at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. In 2004 he was a guest in the Dutch interview program Zomergasten at the VPRO.



12 oktober 2017 16.00 - 17:30


Auditorium KABK

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