Haagse Kunstkring X KABK alumni 2019: Expositie 'On Your Own'

Afgestudeerden van de KABK 2019 nodigen u graag uit voor de derde editie van ‘On Your Own’.

De Haagse Kunstkring heeft 13 alumni van de KABK de complete vrijheid gegeven om dit project te verwezenlijken.

" Door onze eigen keuze in de ruimte van de Haagse Kunstkring tonen wij werk met eigen perspectief om de ruimte op een innovatieve manier in te richten.
Dit zijn de disciplines die met elkaar een verbinding aan gaan: Textile & Fashion, Fine Arts, Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, Photography, ArtScience en Graphic Design.
Hiermee zetten we een traditie voort die bij de Haagse Kunstkring in 1891 begon vanuit de visie over diversiteit van oprichter Théophile de Bock."
On Your Own 2019 collage
collage van werken


Suzette Bousema; Louis Braddock Clarke; Linhuei Chen; Filippo Maria Ciriani; Stella Hyunji Kim; Katarina Juričić; Pien Kars; Catherine Ostraya; Maja Pop Trajkova; Erik van Schaften; Sophia Wester; Moe (Hyo Young) Kim; Huaxin Zhang.

Gert Dumbar zal dit project feestelijk openen op 23 Oktober, 17:30 uur.

Op 26 Oktober zijn alle kunstenaars aanwezig voor een meet & greet.

Voor meer informatie: https://www.haagsekunstkring.nl

Artists' statements

Through making, I explore the forms I consist of (and coexist with) - making is the best place to stay in - and by drawing or sculpting I melt into it by touching it (and I do not feel apart for those seconds) and lastly I love thinking / especially thinking though practice.

Beautiful objects attract users (audience) which is one of our instincts. When the audience sees it twice they will read further meaning than only its beauty.

A found VHS tape, which depicts a home film. The project is based on the tape’s gradual live erasure as a reflection on the human experience of time.

As our lust for technological devices grows, so does the impact on the world and its inhabitants.

Traditional Craftsmenship stick to conventional only when you follow the old way, when the innovation lies in the manufacture method, the tradition will be reborn as a reinterpretation of contemporary.

Future Relics aims to get a grip on the huge amount of plastic in the sea, documenting every single plastic object into a handmade print.

‘Artificial Calm’ is introducing a new way of preserving burnt objects by placing it in a room context just the way it is, telling its untold story and values.

Mother, a faceless identity of mine. Someone told me that raising children is a journey toward letting them go. So what will be left?

Observing architectural elements under the following prescripts: An opening is the moment a user is facing the consensus of standardization with their own body / An opening is the body making the desired space for itself as it moves from one space to another / An opening is a physical act / An opening is the trace left after a body has served as a tool for the formation of a passage.

Orange&Blue is a photographic study on Light, Form and Color which re-imagines the familiar yet sublime experience of Sunrise and Sunset.

Just like weeds, I operate were nature and culture clash, material narratives is the core of my practice.

My work is about how we lost the understanding of the power of the Feminine. I am inspired by the lunar age, an age which was led by the honoring of the feminine and where there was a wholeness of being between the one and the cosmos.

On the outskirts of the pits of focus there are glimpses and noises of other worlds.



23 oktober 2019 12.00 - 27 oktober 2019 16.00


Haagse Kunstkring Denneweg 64, The Hague

Meer info

Feestelijk opening: 23 Oktober, 17:30
Op 26 Oktober zijn alle kunstenaars aanwezig voor een meet & greet.