Fine Arts students present 'A Tiny Intuitive Medicine Show'

In A Tiny Intuitive Medicine Show, eleven third-year students from the Fine Arts department pay tribute to an elusive phenomenon that plays an essential role in their creative process. During Lakenhal Laat on 13 January 2023, they will roll out a route through the museum that is as cheerful as it is edifying, along displays and presentations, interventions and paintings, experiments and performances.

In earlier times, whole and half doctors went around to show their healing skills during fairs and festivals. Simultaneously, acrobats and musicians sold medicinal miracle oils. A Tiny Intuitive Medicine Show breathes new life into that tradition. The miracle snake oil being: intuition.

Intuition cannot be held or measured, yet everyone knows what it is. You can go in all directions with it – you can try to understand intuition scientifically, but it can also be approached from a spiritual-religious perspective. In recent years, self-help authors have been making good money with books full of scientific references, guaranteeing that we can significantly increase our quality of life by learning to listen better to the inner voice of our intuition.

The eleven artists of A Tiny Intuitive Medicine Show create a village square full of quackery, entertainment, and in-depth explorations. Come and see and draw wisdom from an age-old source! See how brain power transforms primordial soup into haute cuisine! Let your intuition be influenced by electroshocks! Use the collective intuitive problem-solving ability to build a tower! Experience the intuition of Snow White and the Little Mermaid! Let yourself be cured of all your neuroses! Come and see, young and old, it's A Tiny Intuitive Medicine Show!

Participating artists

Lise Hugot, Jacolinde van Eck, Tijn Gerards, Paul van Blokland, Celine Hoogervorst, Elvira Pereira Stolle, Anette Lundkvist, Hara Athanasopoulou, Kamau Nganga, Malcolm Wamunza, Roselyn Flach, and Onno Schilstra

The event will be accompanied by a free newspaper with contributions from all artists. Come and get this collector's item!



13 januari 2023 19.00 - 22:00


Museum De Lakenhal Oude Singel 32 2312RA Leiden