Countercurrents: exhibition by the two-year master program Photography & Society

“Countercurrents” is a group exhibition by students of the two-year master program Photography & Society of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague in collaboration with Creative Court, a non-profit organisation that develops art projects reflecting on peace and global justice.

On view at a former bunker the three day event “Countercurrents” (24-26th June 2022) features a range of photographic and video installations, sculptures and performances by twelve international image-makers from seven countries. Prompted by the issue of underwater ammunitions and the dangerous effects that are connected to their presence in our oceans, each artist responded to this common theme in their way and found their own topic. On different levels, the resulting work highlights the relationship we have with the past, and explores the intersections of the photographic medium. Their work challenges what photography can still do in current times and enlist themes of current reality, collective and individual memories, fictional narrative and metaphor.

As part of the program, organised tours will guide visitors through the collective works in and around the bunker, which is the location of the exhibition. In this former part of the Atlantikwall, a series of talks will be hosted and presented on our online exhibition ( the next day. The exhibition will be held on the territory of Bunker V192, which was built as part of a line of defense by the Nazis during WW2 in 1943. This ‘machine bunker’ has a unique design, and the only one of its kind to be found in The Netherlands. Since 2002, the bunker has been used as an exhibition space. Bunker V192 is located on the site of Teahouse Waterfront.

Teahouse Waterfront can be accessed via the park and pontoon ferries.
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Artists whose works are featured in “Countercurrents”:

Sumi Anjuman (BD)
Arianna Cavalensi (IT)
Beatrice Cera (IT)
Daniel Chatard (GER)
Pascal Giese (GER)
He Bo (CN)
Charmaine de Heij (NL)
Lea Novi (GER)
Diego Reindel (GER)
Jonathan Tang (NL)
Ben Yau (UK)
Alexey Yurenev (RU/US)



24 juni 2022 19.00 - 26 juni 2022 17.00


Bunker V192, Teahouse Waterfront

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Opening hours:
Friday, June 24th, 7-11pm
Saturday, June 25th, 10am - 11pm
Sunday, June 26th, 10am - 5pm


Entrance: free