An apology is an apology is not an apology

On behalf of the participants of the Exhibition Research Lab 2024, you are hereby cordially and unapologetically invited to the opening of the collaborative exhibition an apology is an apology is not an apology.

Why, to whom or what, and how does one apologise? Students of the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague and Leiden University investigate the power and precarity of apology through various exhibition strategies and modes of production. Such as videos, photography, painting, installations, embodied gestures, verbal and non-verbal communication. They take on artistic and curatorial roles and propose an epistemological dive into the thoughts, processes and feelings that underlie the near-daily practice and ritual of an apology.


Jessica Abderhalde (I/M/D), Alessandro Cercaci (Social Sciences, LU), Olivia Dawe (MA Museum Studies, LU), Tori McCrea (PH), Haeun Na (FA), Leo Schick (FA), Bashay Serbes (Humanities, LU), Ivan Stanić (PH), August Kaasa Sundgaard (Liberal Arts and Sciences, LU), Lara Škulić (Arts, Media and Society, LU), Rosa Uribe (PH).

Tutor: Tatjana Macić

About Exhibition Research Lab

About Exhibition Research Lab is an elective taught by Tatjana Macić, an artist and lecturer at the Royal Academy of Art. This interdisciplinary course offers students at the Royal Academy and Leiden University practical and theoretical knowledge of exhibition-making in a theoretical and practical sense. It is part of the Art Research programme of the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice at the Royal Academy of Art headed by prof. dr. Anke Haarmann.



15 mei 2024 16.00 - 16 mei 2024 21.00


Galleries 1 & 2, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

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Opening: 15 May 16.00 - 20.00
Opening hours 16 May 9.00 - 21.00