Marie Ilse Bourlanges

Media & Materials tutor

Marie Ilse Bourlanges is Media & Materials tutor at the BA department of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at KABK, the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Marie Ilse Bourlanges is a French artist based in Amsterdam, whose artistic practice is characterised by a combination of tangible, performative and written matter, within collaborative and individual trajectories. ​​

Prompted to reveal how personal emotions and intimacy can resonate collectively to repair social and ecological tears, Bourlanges’ work explores the borders between the personal and the public, the accepted and the excluded. Harvesting and gleaning natural resources are often her starting point to research the narrative and conceptual potential of materials.

With her recent artistic research Pollinating Agents – Resilient Beings, she investigates other- and inter-species forms of communication and collaboration to outline a method of intuitively connecting things and thoughts together as a continuous flow from one to another.