Ernie Mellegers

Theory group leader, Tutor Context and Alchemy

Ernie Mellegers heads the tutor theory group, is Year head for the 4th year, theory lecturer and tutor of the Context and Alchemy programs, all at the BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design at KABK.

Ernie Mellegers (MA) studied history of architecture and urbanism with Thomas A.P. van Leeuwen at Leiden University. His thesis on the influence of the automobile on Modernist architecture was published as 9079U2 Le Corbusier en de Auto (1992). This research, and further publications, developed into an ongoing exploration of the interaction between modes of transport and the built environment.

Ernie lectures (and more), at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, the Royal Academy of Art, and Technical University Delft (Industrial Design), on a wide range of subjects related to architecture, urbanism, typology, technology, and architectural theory. He is known for his intensive lectures, exploring vast knowledge, uncovering unexpected connections, not necessarily meant to be remembered in detail but to paint the picture and spark your thoughts.