KABK alumni during Hoogtij #60

The 60th edition of the contemporary art route HOOGTIJ in The Hague takes place on 6 March 2020 featuring work by many KABK students and alumni at the following locations:

...ism project space
In One Gone by Evelien Gransjean (Fine Arts 2014). A journey through space and time. Evelien's curiosity feeds her desire to constantly be somewhere else. With her work, Evelien Gransjean expresses a sense of disorientation.

Feline Whispers by Afra Eisma (Fine Arts 2017), a solo exhibition inspired by Eisma’s imaginary cat, Larry, and the generosity involved in the speculative care for this pet. Feline Whispers will explore domestic space as an extension of the body, where nourishment and sharing are important counters to a world so full of deprivation and exclusion.

Dürst Britt & Mayhew
Vèf Jaah! group exhibition with work by all 13 artists who have been featurd in the gallery during the past five years. With i.e. KABK alumni Sybren Renema (Fine Arts 2009), Puck Verkade (Fine Arts 2011), Wieske Wester (Fine Arts 2007), Paul Beumer (Fine Arts 2009)

Galerie Maurits van de Laar
Anders dan Anders (Different than Usual), Christie van der Haak (former student and teacher at the KABK) invites artists to present their work within an installation covered by her outspoken patterns.
With i.e. work by Katia Borghesi (Fine Arts 2016), Diederik Gerlach (BK 1982), Theun Govers (Fine Arts 2006), Elise Hageman (Fine Arts 2006), Nynke Koster (Furniture Design 2013), Marjolein van der Meij (Fine Arts 1993), David Pedraza (Fine Arts 2010), Peter Vos (Fine Arts 1998).

Grafische Werkplaats
Slechte Verhalen Fikken Niet with work by among others Cedric ter Bals (Fine Arts 2018), Romy Muijrers (Fine Arts 2015), Boris Windmeijer (Fine Arts 2019).

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Chapter 2 – Claudine van Ariane Toussaint (BA Photography student)
Performance-reading: 20:00, 21:00, 22:00

Projektruimte West end
i n t e r – ACTIEs by among others Moe Kim (Textile 2019) & Annemieke Louwerens (Fine Arts 1979), elektroweefsels, dans op het heel en half uur & toegevoegd beeld, actie & reactie.

A simple Fizz, MA Artistic Research @ Quartair, students of the MA Artistic Research collaborate with curator Jonatan Habib Engqvist and present their curatorial experimentations.

20 Sis Josip Galerie
Henoch, part of Der Himmel on Earth is a collaboration between Yaïr Callender (Fine Arts 2013) and Sis Josip Galerie.

West Den Haag Onze Ambassade
Extra 20:00: performance Exposures van Pia Louwerens (Fine Arts 2012)

Trixie Den Haag
Intergalactic Environmentalists is a group of creators that combine art, design, activism and/or science to address environmentalist issues and themes. With contribution by Michal Mitro (former exchange student Master ArtScience)



Fri 6 March 2020 19.00 - 23:00


Various locations in The Hague

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