KABK alumni in Hoogtij #68

The 68th edition of the Contemporary Art Tour The Hague on Friday, March 4th, features work in several art locations in the inner-city of The Hague by numerous KABK alumni.

Dürst Britt & Mayhew • Orienting Around - Yesim Akdeniz, Marwan Bassiouni (Bachelor Photography 2018): Photoss from Bassiouni's New Dutch Views series combined with textile wall assemblies by Akdeniz. Frontspace: lapis lazuli installation by Pieter Paul Pothoven.

HOK Gallery • Gris-Gris - Thijs Jaeger (Bachelor Fine Arts 2017) and Bobbi Oskam. In HOK, Jaeger's spirit world merges with Oskam's nightmares.

Nest • How Rest the Brave, on the necessity of sleep and rest as a form of resistance in a continuous twenty-four hour economy; with work by Helen Cammock, Danilo Correale, Katarina Juričić (Bachelor Photography 2019), Yoojin Lee, Ana Montiel, Frida Orupabo, Remco Osório Lobato (Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design 2006), Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Mladen Stilinović.

PIP EXPO • The Set - Cathleen Owens (Master ArtScience 2017) & Katerina Sidorova (Bachelor Fine Arts 2016), a live stream that can be visited both online and offline with an alter ego of Cathleen in a set by Katerina.

Projektruimte WEST END • BUBO Big Unidentified Beautiful Object - Michèle Bergsma (Bachelor Photography 2021). BUBO 2022 consists of photos, film and sound recordings of various objects from The Hague.

Ruimtevaart • Unsettling Landscape - Tineke van Veen (Bachelor Fine Arts 1988). Photo/film exhibition exploring and depicting the post-nuclear landscape.

Stroom Den Haag • Positions: Time-Based - Eliane Esther Bots, Hannah Dawn Henderson (Master Artistic Research 2014) Karel van Laere, Tineke van Veen (Bachelor Fine Arts 1988) & Barbara Prezelj, Annemarie Wadlow (Master Artistic Research 2020), video works show new stories about increasingly complex subjects.

The Balcony • The Promise or Ruins chapter 1: Parasites of the Imaginary - Minsook Kang (Master Artistic Research 2018), Martha Rosler, Eva Pel (Master Artistic Research 2012), a reflection on parasitic capitalism.

The Grey Space • Dinner Session - Trang Ha (Bachelor Graphic Design 2020) + Nikos, a culinary and musical experience by multidisciplinary artist Trang Ha and visual and sound designer Nikos.



Fri 4 March 2022 19.00 - 23:00


Various locations and exhibitions in The Hague

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