KABK alumni in Hoogtij #61 - online edition

This online edition of HOOTIJ#61 will feature work and projects produced, curated, and/or initiated by among others KABK alumni Afra Eisma, Yvo van der Vat, Sybren Renema, Puck Verkade, Wieske Wester, Paul Beumer, Christie van der Haak, Thijs Jaeger, Roeland Langendoen, Annemieke Louwerens, Huilin Shi, Cedric ter Bals, Romy Muijrers, Boris Windmeijer, Wen Chin Fu, Matteo Marangoni, Daniël Siegersma, Asya Sukhorukova & Jakob Schlötter, Jean-Baptiste Castel, Nuel van Gelder de Neufville, Jonathan Hielkema.

See videos from the participating locations by clicking on the appropriate location on the map:

  • 1646 is showing Afra Eisma (Fine Arts 2017) with new work in her solo exhibition Feline Whispers, which explores domestic space as an extension of the body, where nourishment and sharing are important counters to a world so full of deprivation and exclusion.
  • Baracca, a nomadic artists' initiative or occasional collective consisting of Ibrahim R. Ineke and Yvo van der Vat (Fine Arts 2002) shows the Film Inside Job, about the homonymous project that marked the initiatives' 11th anniversary in 2015 together with the publication Baracca, the Elephant Years.
  • Dürst Britt & Mayhew with Vèf Jaah! about the work of among others Sybren Renema (Fine Arts 2009), Puck Verkade (Fine Arts 2011), Wieske Wester (Fine Arts 2007), Paul Beumer (Fine Arts 2009)
  • Galerie Maurits van de Laar: During the virtual edition of HOOGTIJ #61 Christie van der Haak takes you on a video tour through the exhibition Different than Usual where she talks about the installation and the work of the artists she has chosen, among whom many KABK alumni. With i.e. work by Katia Borghesi (Fine Arts 2016), Diederik Gerlach (BK 1982), Theun Govers (Fine Arts 2006), Elise Hageman (Fine Arts 2006), Nynke Koster (Furniture Design 2013), Marjolein van der Meij (Fine Arts 1993), David Pedraza (Fine Arts 2010), Peter Vos (Fine Arts 1998).
  • Grafische Werkplaats: In Slechte Verhalen Fikken Niet four artists and one theologian/philosopher create a story in which they interpret the narrative in the broadest sense of the word. Coming from various disciplines, they each tell their tale from their personal archives. With i.e. Cedric ter Bals (Fine Arts 2018), Romy Muijrers (Fine Arts 2015), Boris Windmeijer (Fine Arts 2019).
  • Heden presents an online special by Thijs Jaeger (Fine Arts 2017) in a video in which he talks about his work Four Horse Men.
  • Maldoror Galerie is currently organizing monthly exhibitions in the shop window of daycare center het Sterhuis with work by among others Roeland Langendoen (Fine Arts 1993).
  • Projektruimte West end: a glimpse of the exhibition curated by Annemieke Louwerens (Fine Arts 1979) with contributions by artists and KABK alumni Huilin Shi, Cedric ter Bals, Stella Loning among others.
  • Quartair - Should I Stay or Should I Go by iii with works by Wen Chin Fu (ArtScience 2010), Matteo Marangoni (Master ArtScience 2011), Daniël Siegersma (Photography 2018), Davide Tidoni (Sonolgy Insitute, Royal Conservatoire 2013). Online exhibition design by Jean-Baptiste Castel and Nuel van Gelder de Neufville (Non Linear Narrative alumni 2019)
  • Satelliet Location: See Lab: Walking with Unimals (2019) is an ever-evolving digital ecosystem populated by fantastic creatures, which live, die and reproduce with the help of Generative Adversarial Networks in a concept by Studio Pointer (Asya Sukhorukova & Jakob Schlötter) both graduated at the Graphic Design dept of the KABK and video by Jonathan Hielkema (Photography 2018).



Fri 29 May 2020 19.00 - 23:00