John Fleetwood

Co-head BA Photography

John Fleetwood (Johannesburg - South Africa, 1970) is an international photography curator, educator, and director of Photo:, a multi-operation platform for the development and promotion of socially engaged photography practices, photographers, and critical visual culture, mainly working with emerging photographers from the African continent.

From 2002-2015 Fleetwood was the Director of the Market Photo Workshop, a school, gallery, and project space in Johannesburg which was founded by David Goldblatt.

John Fleetwood on his appointment:
“Perhaps there is no better way to re-think our worlds, societies, and ourselves than through photography. It mediates and reflects the complex aspects of knowledge production and our independent and collective ways of sharing this world. So then, what better way to consider this than with fellow educators, students, photographers, communities in a changing institution?

I am thrilled to join the KABK Photography Dept as Co-Head and look forward to new discussions, challenges, perspectives. With me come experiences and networks of working across the African continent.”