Admission requirements & portfolio

Participation in the Orientation Course is subject to a selection procedure. This procedure consists of the following:

A portfolio is a collection of works that you have created on your own initiative. These can be drawings, sketches, designs, models, images, photographs, paintings, videos, 3D, works in textile/wood/metal, etc. Unfinished work, notes and ideas can also be part of your portfolio. You can bring work that you've made at your school/art course/workshop too, as long as it conveys information about your personal insights and creative process. Show your sources of inspiration, artists and artworks you admire. Take photos of works you cannot bring with you to the academy and include them in your portfolio. Make sure to put together a varied portfolio, consisting of as many pieces as possible. The more information you provide about yourself and your passion, the better we can advise you and support you in finding what you're looking for in this programme.

In this booklet you can read general recommendations, tips (What is a portfolio? How do I make one?) and relevant information for prospective applicants to our preparatory and bachelor programmes.

You will receive this questionnaire by e-mail, after your registration. Please fill in and bring a copy of the completed questionnaire with you on the admission/interview day.

On the admission day you are expected at the KABK at 10.15, where you will be welcomed and provided with a space to showcase your portfolio; you will be able to discuss your work and the questionnaire. From 11.00 to 15.00 group interviews will be held with all candidates and the admissions committee.

Admission days

  • 10 September 2022
    Admission day for the first course (September - January)
  • 28 January 2023
    Admission day for the second course (February - June)

NOTE: The second course can be followed as an advanced course, after finishing the first one. In this case, no second admittance is necessary.

Apply for the admission day