Study profile Orientation Course

The Orientation Course consists of 14 classes intended for those who want to become familiar with the mentality, methodology and research approach required to study at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK). 

This preparatory course focuses on process-based working methods and the discovery and development of one’s own artistic ambitions. You will build on your portfolio and find out whether studying at an art academy is the path you would like to pursue.





14 Saturday classes
(70 hours)
September - January
February - June

Head preparatory courses

Zanne Zwart


Proof of participation


€550 per term (including excursion)

Course information

The Orientation Course at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) offers you the opportunity to get acquainted with our various art and design programmes and the way students work at the academy. All classes focus on the capacity to transform experiences and observations into images. Home assignments are given on a regular basis and reinforce the emphasis given on the artistic process as opposed to the final result. Through techniques and exercises offered during the Orientation Course, you will be challenged to develop an inquisitive and expressive attitude.

You will work in a studio setting at the academy and make use of various workshop facilities. While working on your portfolio, you will build upon your skills, explore your artistic ambitions, and investigate sources of inspiration in the context of and in reflection upon your relationship to society.

The Orientation Course is offered twice a year (once in the fall and once in the spring). Classes take place over 14 Saturdays, including one excursion day. Students are expected to provide their own materials for the classes. The KABK’s art supply shop has compiled a special package for participants of the Orientation Course, which is offered at a reduced price.

Admission days

Participation in the course is subject to a selection procedure. The selection procedure takes place during the admission days.

  • For the first course (30 September 2017- 27 January 2018), the admission day is held on 16 September 2017.
  • For the second course* (10 February 2018- 2 June 2018), the admission day will be held on 3 February 2018.

*The second course could be followed after finishing the first one as an advanced course. In this case, no second admittance is necessary.

Admission requirements & portfolio

This is a collection of drawings, sketches, designs, models, images, photographs, paintings, 3D, works in textile/wood/metal, movies, examples from the field of art & culture, art(ists) and design(ers) you feel connected with, ideas and other works that you have created on your own initiative. The addition of a visual journal in which you record your sources of inspiration and ideas, plans, experiences and insights is also important.

You will receive this questionnaire by e-mail, after your registration. Please fill in and bring a copy of the completed questionnaire with you on the admission/interview day.

You will receive an assignment to work on during the admission day. On this day, you will discuss the results of the assignment and your portfolio with a member of the admissions committee.