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The Orientation Course at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) is intended for anyone who is considering studying at an art academy and would like to become acquainted with the bachelor's programs of the KABK.

During the course you will get familiar with the mentality and study attitude that is expected of you at the art academy. You will build on your portfolio and find out whether studying at an art academy is the path you would like to pursue.

In the video below, students, the coordinator and the head of the department tell you more about the Orientation Course:



Proof of participation

Language of instruction


Start dates

September or February


15 classes on Saturdays 10.15 -15.30, incl. excursion (70 hours)

Course duration

4 months (September to January or February to June)


One place is available in the September 2024-January 2025 course for a holder of an Ooievaarspas (reduction card)

Head preparatory courses

Zanne Zwart



€808 per term (including excursion)

Why choose the Orientation Course

  • The Orientation course at the Royal Academy of Art offers the opportunity to develop yourself and to become acquainted with the various study options. The emphasis is on the process that precedes the final work. Because the process that precedes the work is at least as important as the work itself. In addition, you discover and develop your artistic ambition in which social orientation plays a major role.
  • You go on a journey of discovery that challenges you to adopt an investigative, visual attitude. The techniques you learn and exercises you do are tools and not an end in themselves. It is mainly about the process prior to a work. You will receive home assignments for this on a weekly basis.
  • You work in various places in the academy, including the workshops. During the lessons and beyond, you build up your own portfolio in which you not only show what you can do, but also what inspires you. Your inspiration becomes the source of your ideas.
  • In order to have a better picture of the field at the end of the course, it is important that you work on your social orientation and building a 'cultural dummy'. This term is explained in the first lesson.
  • You will find out during the orientation course whether an art study suits you. You do this while you work or are in your final year. You follow the course on 15 Saturdays and you can start at two times: September to January or February to June.

    Is this course for you?

      Are you considering doing the Orientation Course at the KABK? Then the following applies to you:

      • You want to get a taste of the different departments that the KABK has to offer.
      • You want to find out whether studying at an art academy suits you.
      • You are motivated and involved.
      • You like challenges and dare to go out of your comfort zone.
      • You are proactive, communicative and open to collaboration.
      • You are curious about the study attitude and mentality of an art student.
      • You are not looking to learn practical techniques.

        Students say about the course

        "The orientation course taught me about different art disciplines, but also about me. It let me think about the world around me.”

        “I have learned that not everything has to be perfect, that it’s good to step out of your comfort zone.”

        “Thank you for pushing my limits and helping me discover my hidden talent.”

        "I found out that being artistic is more of an outlet for me than a profession I want to practice.”

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