Study programme

The two-year English-taught master's degree programme Photography & Society is structured to reflect our strength in collaboration, research, and impact. Studios, workshops, seminars, and other peer learning structures enable you, regardless of seismic shifts in the social and photographic landscape, to seek and find your own answers.

Photography & Society links to practical assignments. Through the unique positioning of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) near various ministries and internationally oriented partners and organisations, you engage with the political, economic, and cultural arena.


Your first year provides a detailed engagement with practice through experimentation, questioning, play and dialogue as an input to the process. Four studios are structured over two semesters around annually changing, centrally-established research themes based upon the dynamics of the changing field of work, providing a clear focus. Theory seminars and workshops support major studio work.

The Master Project (a combination of practical work and a written thesis), is a yearlong endeavour over the course of the two semesters of the second year. During this period, a significant body of work is created, combining your explorations into individual practice and theory with an ability to position yourself – and your work – in a societal context.

The produced and written work reflects a synthesis of reflexive, conceptual, practical and professional abilities. Your Master Project is a fusion of analytical study and practice, culminating in a graduation show and public presentation of the work. It has entered society.

Inzichten in deze opleiding

Listen to a conversation with Petra and Benedikte about their graduation projects and how they experienced this two-year Photography & Society master's programme.

screenshot Graduation Catalogue Master Photography & Society
screenshot Graduation Catalogue

ECTS credits 2023-2024

The study programme amounts to 120 ECTS and lasts two academic years.

Domains Semester 1ECTS
Domain: Personal Aims 16
Domain: Making 16
Domain: Research Abilities 16
Domain: Public Impact 16
Domain: Critical Reflection 16
Semester Presentation 10
Total study points per semester30
Domains Semester 2ECTS
Domain: Personal Aims 26
Domain: Making 26
Domain: Research Abilities 26
Domain: Public Impact 26
Domain: Critical Reflection 26
Semester Presentation 20
Total study points per semester30
Domains Semester 1ECTS
Domain: Personal Aims 36
Domain: Making 36
Domain: Research Abilities 36
Domain: Public Impact 36
Domain: Critical Reflection 36
Semester Presentation 30
Total study points per semester30
Domains Semester 2ECTS
Domain: Personal Aims 46
Domain: Making 46
Domain: Research Abilities 46
Domain: Public Impact 46
Domain: Critical Reflection 46
Semester Presentation 40
Total study points per semester30

OER 2022-2023

Education and Examination Regulations

You can find information about the regulations and provisions dealing with the organisation of the programme and the assessments and examinations related to it in the Education and Examination Regulations (in Dutch: Onderwijs- en examenregeling; OER)