Photography & Society is open to all (still image-) makers with a bachelor's degree. This includes not only a degree in photography or any of its sub-disciplines, but also in the field of visual arts, digital media, visual anthropology and other non-linear communication disciplines. Preferably you have at least three years of practical experience. We discourage applicants applying directly from a Bachelor program. We build the peer group based on your previous experiences and commitment to the role of photographer as a mediator of public debate.

General Requirements

Selection criteria will involve the following:

  • You have obtained a Bachelor's degree in a comparable and relevant practice;
  • You are proficient in both spoken and written English
    Non-EU/EEA candidates are required to provide proof of English Language proficiency.
    EU/EEA candidates' English language level will be assessed during their interview/entry examination day.

Specific Requirements

As part of the admission and selection procedure for the Master Photography & Society, you are asked to provide us with the following: portfolio, research proposal, letter of motivation and a curriculum vitae. After selection based on the above, you will be invited to visit the Royal Academy of Art The Hague for an interview with the admission committee. The admission committee consists of programme head and faculty involved in Photography & Society.

Advice on your application materials

Your portfolio is a key element in your application. Please take time to create clear images that together reveal all the aspects of your practice that you find important to share with the admission committee. The exact design of the portfolio, how many images you send, and how much supporting textual information goes with these, we leave to you. We receive applications from people with diverse practices, and each one needs an individual approach to their presentation. In the case of time-based documentation (audio / video / etc.) we ask you to indicate one piece (or part) that you absolutely want to be viewed or listened to by the admission committee.

File specifications digital portfolio: PDF format, max 20MB

Your research proposal informs us about the work you present in your portfolio, and indicates the directions you want to explore in your research over the course of study. We are curious how you expect to approach this research within Photography & Society. This means you specifically indicate areas of interest for future investigation as well as areas already developed within your practice.

File specifications: 1 A4 page written in English

Your motivation provides us with insights into why and how Photography & Society fits your ambitions.

File specifications: 1 A4 page written in English

In addition to specific information on your previous studies, list the most important exhibitions, events, and publications you have been involved in. Any grants, prizes, or nominations you have received, and if applicable, any other information you think is relevant to your application.

File specifications: 1 A4 page written in English

After selection based on the above, you will take an interview with members of the admission committee at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague. This interview is the conclusion of your admission, and serves several goals. We like to get to know you better. It is very important that you are convinced about your choice for Photography & Society.

Application deadlines

The Master Photography & Society processes applications until all positions in the cohorts are filled. We work with two deadlines:

Priority deadline: 1 March

Final deadline: 1 May

We encourage you to submit your application by the priority deadline. By the final deadline, there is a possibility that a waiting list will have already been formed.

Note: Each application deadline entails registration via Studielink and submission of required documents incl. portfolio.

How to apply - Check the steps