After graduation

Further Education

Upon completing their bachelor's degrees, graduates have the option to enroll in a master's program specializing in design (MA Design) or art (MA Fine Arts). Alternatively, they may choose to pursue master's programs offered at other prestigious art academies.

In addition to our own master's programs, such as Type and Media and Non Linear Narrative, our graduates have ventured into master's studies at esteemed institutions worldwide. These include institutions such as the Royal College in London, the Yale School of Art in New Haven, ECAL – Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne, Werkplaats Typografie at ArtEZ in Arnhem, the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, and the University of Leiden.

Professional Perspective

The Graphic Design department educates students to become critical thinkers and versatile practitioners who develop outstanding concepts for visual communication. Graduates excel in their professional careers through their extraordinary conceptual and visual abilities, extensive knowledge of the profession and the world, strong technological curiosity and highly developed social engagement.

After completing the programme, you can pursue a career as an individual graphic designer or work for a small design studio or an established corporation. Many museums, architecture firms, non-profit organisations, media corporations, and software developers are looking for in-house designers, making the design profession highly varied.

'Now What?'

Listen to our podcast 'Now What?' in which our Photography student Kim Casamitjana Spennhoff interviews KABK-alums about what they have experienced after the KABK and what they apply from their studies in practice!

In this episode, you listen to Kexin Hao, Bachelor graphic Design alum: