Bruynzeel Deliveries

When designer Piet Zwart was asked to design the Bruynzeel kitchen, designed in the 1930's, it was intended to be a product of modernity and the new century, available as a modular system that embodies standardisation at its best. 

So, is standardisation a part of capitalism? Does it represent equality or a normalisation that doesn’t allow different ways of thinking? And how do these questions can be reflected on the kitchen of the future? 

This project investigates the role of the kitchen as the centre of home life, while enquiring on how will the kitchen of the future will be: will there be one?

Participating students:
Joyce Edel and Bart Krijnen (Interior Architecture & Furniture Design) and Carolina Pinto (Graphic Design). Supervised by Bas van Beek.

'Bruynzeel Deliveries ' is one of the five public programmes presented within the 'Mentality-No Style’ project in the context of the 100 Years of the De Stijl/Mondrian year event.



Thu 26 October 2017 19.00 - 23:00


Bruynzeel Keukens Den Haag
Hogewal 16, Den Haag

Entrance fee