New Maniacs

The Mentality-No Style programme will be concluded with a symposium touching on the past, present, and future of design education. 

Is art education still relevant? Does the school as an educational island need to open up to influences from outside? What does art education bring to society in cultural and economical terms? 

Are just some of the questions that will be discussed/ debated, and hopefully answered over the course of the evening. Have you ever wondered why educations is shaped the way it is? Do you have questions, remarks or thoughts about the topic? Then we cordially invite you to participate in the evening, and speculate about a new future in art education. 

Erik Viskil (NL) 
Els Kuijpers (NL) 
Arno van Roosmalen (NL) 
Special Guest (NL) 

Moderated by Lara Schrijver (NL) 



Fri 10 November 2017 18.00 - 21:00


Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten
Presentation Space - Room BD.109

Entrance fee