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An extensive admissions procedure applies for participation in the combined classes offered by the School for Young Talent and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

Interim admission to the SvJT is also possible.
Read below the steps you need to follow in order to apply for the admission interview.

With a positive result the director of the School for Young Talent will have an introductory talk with you and your parents. If necessary or desired, the school will contact your former school.

To apply for admission, please mail to to make an appointment.
This is possible throughout the year.

For the admissions appointment, you will be asked to bring your portfolio, a folder composed of original pieces of your own, most recent work.

Your portfolio will be examined for evidence of creative capacity, motivation, aptitude, ideation, uniqueness/originality and capacity for growth, in addition to diversity and the ability to work with materials and techniques. All of these aspects are discussed with you during the interview.

Following the admissions interview, a decision will be made on whether you are eligible for admission or whether a second interview will be held, possibly with a follow-up assignment.

If you are qualified for admission, another interview will be held with the director of the school in order to examine the academic component. If this aspect is also satisfactory, you will be offered a place at the School for Young Talent.