Rachel Borovska

Rachel Borovska (SK) graduated from the Interior Architecture & Furniture Design department at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) in 2018.

Winner Bachelor Thesis Award
Honourable mention Paul Schuitema Award

Graduation project 2018

A Tale of the Emerging Landscape

A three dimensional study/story about an evolution of the environment. A walk through three phases of configuration and reconfiguration: ‘The Land’, ‘The Cave and Tent’ and ‘The Hut’. ‘The Land’ is the beginning, the source. One gets to explore the irregularity of a newborn terra, where the differences between manmade and natural elements remain unanswered and blurred. ‘The Cave and Tent’ tackle information harvesting throughout the patchwork of various contexts and express the effect on the land. ‘The Hut’ finalises and encapsulates the complexity of the modified land. Typology grows from the characteristics of the terra. Here is where settlements appear and the irregularity of the Land meets the strict, straight lines of Man.


First Encounters: Landscapes and Morality

What is natural and what is artificial? The conceptions of nature have been steadily changing over time, and it is important to understand that the human world and the natural world are both continuous and complementary. Since man first encountered his environment with a conscious mind, he began classifying, organising and using the natural world to fulfil his needs. This notion has not yet managed to fully disengage us from the attitudes that see nature as separate to human life. In this paper the natural landscape and the city are illustrated. By flowing through these two contexts, the separation between the artificial and the natural is quelled. Here, nature is defined as an all-pervasive system, with man as its element and morality as his drive.

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