Goda Verikaitė

Goda Verikaitė (LT) graduated from the MA Interior Architecture (INSIDE) at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) in 2018.

Winner MA Interior Architecture (INSIDE) department Award 2018

Graduation project 2018

Recycling Utopia: in progress

Imagine. Lithuania after x year. Massive investments into biotechnologies lead the country to the new system with a mysterious name: ‘FALC’ (fully automated luxury communism). If Constant and other utopians from 70’s were dreaming about society freed by automation – here it is. The ludic society which can afford living in the spontaneous luxury.

What is luxury for you? Villa Savoy? A single family house? A vagabond life disconnected from any particular place? Is time the ultimate luxury or should it be guaranteed as a basic income for everyone? The project suggests a series of speculative scenarios how in future the socialist districts as structurally the most pure and adaptable areas can turn into the experimental playgrounds of ideas and theories.

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