After graduation

Further Education

After completing the Bachelor Photography, graduates can continue their studies at a master's degree level in design or art. For example, another master's programme at an art academy or at the KABK such as the Master Photography & Society. You can also apply for a University (WO) master's programme such as the Master Film & Photographic Studies at Leiden University (admission to a WO programme sometimes requires a pre-master's track).

Professional Perspective

Our goal is to teach you how to become an independent thinker who creates visual projects. Studying at the KABK will help you become the professional of tomorrow within an international context. Alumni have described studying at the KABK as an intense yet fruitful experience.

The contemporary work field of professional photography is the starting point for the overall study trajectory. Our international team of teachers reflects the diversity of the professionals of today. They are all practicing photographers working in a variety of fields - from fine arts to documentary and editorial to fashion.

We educate you to become an outstanding photographer and true author of your work. Research is the base of every project. There is a strong emphasis on audience engagement and entrepreneurial skills; you communicate your work on different platforms.

As a KABK graduate you will know how to connect with the professional field and build, maintain and develop your own photography practice.