Photography students work on Closed Cycles with Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

28 February 2024

Fourth-year students of the Bachelor’s programme Photography are collaborating with the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) on Closed Cycles. The NWO Closed Cycles programme contributes to the transition to a circular economy. Their work will be shown during the NWO Life 2024 scientific conference on 22 and 23 May 2024.

The goal of the work of the students Photography is to inform about the Closed Cycles programme and its projects and to highlight its importance. The students’ work will also showcase scientific achievements in innovative technologies and products contributing to a circular economy. NWO and the students already had a brainstorming session and the core message that emerged was: “Waste does not exist”.

In the Closed Cycles programme, scientists with different backgrounds work on projects that form part of a cycle such as water, agricultural production, energy and biodiversity. You can make progress on all these topics by thinking circularly, by closing cycles.

A circular economy hence offers opportunities for both economic growth and tackling major social issues, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the availability of fossil raw materials, clean water and agricultural products, and maintaining soil fertility.

Students from the IAFD and NLN courses will also start collaborating with NWO in the fall of 2024, their work can be seen at NWO Life 2025.

About NWO Life

NWO Life is an annual scientific congress that covers all disciplines in the Dutch Life Sciences at all scales. Its purpose is to connect researchers, explore and push boundaries, discuss new or desirable developments in the field, get inspired by each other's research and approaches, and initiate new interdisciplinary collaborations.