Masterclass Hella Jongerius at the KABK

In November 2019, internationally renowned contemporary product designer Hella Jongerius will provide a Masterclass to the students of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) upon invitation of the Textile & Fashion department.

This Masterclass is powered by the Keep an Eye Foundation.

Hella Jongerius (The Netherlands, 1963) has recently founded the Weavers Werkstatt, a weaving collective comprising of experienced designers from her network, who work together with designers coming from different backgrounds on the basic principles of weaving and carry out practice-oriented textile research. Within the framework of this research, Weavers Werkstatt is promoting knowledge transfer between starting and more experienced textile designers and the development of expertise to offer innovation and solutions to the challenges that the textile sector is facing.

The weavers/designers put forward questions such as:

“What are the current cultural, social and economic implications of the textile production and consumption?”


“What is my contribution as a designer?”

Taking as a starting point these same questions the Textile & Fashion department with the generous support of the Keep an Eye Foundation organises a masterclass together with Hella Jongerius and JongeriusLab in November 2019.

On Monday 11 November, Jongerius will deliver a lecture at the KABK for all the students and staff, resulting in a design call for the students. The students will work on this assignment individually and under the guidance of Hella Jongerius.

Selected results of the Masterclass will be presented on Thursday 21 November in Museum Voorlinden. The programme, with elements of activism, will be guided by Lucas Verweij and contains student presentations and a panel discussion with among others, Suzanne Swarts (Director Museum Voorlinden), Mark van Vorstenbos, head Textile and Fashion and Maaike Roozenburg, head Master Industrial Design of the KABK. (For this event there are limited seats available for the public).

A digital publication presenting the results of this masterclass will be published online in January 2020.

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This Masterclass is open to students, teachers and staff of the KABK only. More detailed information is published on the internal portal.