Launching EXPOSED web platform

25 June 2020

Exposed 2020

Powered by Keep an Eye Foundation

  • 1 JULY 2020 18.00 CET - launch of EXPOSED online
  • 10 SEPTEMBER 2020 - EXPOSED show and live stream

At the end of every academic year, the Textile & Fashion department of The Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague reveals the work of its students in EXPOSED - a grand fashion and textile celebration accompanied by an inspiring publication. This year will be different.

1 July will mark the launch of the digital platform EXPOSED online, an online yearbook dedicated to all of this year’s work, designs, workshops, projects and masterclasses. Special attention is given to the graduation projects of the class of 2020: Eva Dimopulou (GR), Hannakin Henriksson (SE), Haily Kim (KR), Tony Ta (NL), Hee Eun Kim (KR) and Inge Vaandering (NL).

They will present their work in six unique fashion videos. EXPOSED online is created in collaboration with curator Maarten Spruyt and designer Johannes Verwoerd and powered by Keep an Eye Foundation. On 10 September, a live presentation in the courtyard of the monumental building of the Academy will kick off the 2020 KABK Graduation Show.


At KABK, students are educated to create and design new perspectives for future needs in a world that now more than ever tells us to slow down and reflect on our own behaviour. Due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus, the students found themselves sheltering in their own intimate spaces with very little means to express themselves. EXPOSED 2020 is therefore titled ROOTS, a tribute to the students’ journeys inwards and a celebration of their impressive resilience, strongly grounded in their cultural heritage, boundless creativity, and ability to develop their ideas and individual practices.

Mark van Vorstenbos, head of the Fashion & Textile department:
"These last months presented us with a unique situation where we all had to deal with a lot of insecurities. At the same time, it offered us a chance for introspection. The work of the graduates immediately started to show a strong need for intimacy, beauty, belonging and interaction. We are proud to present them on the newly designed EXPOSED platform and in the graduation show later this year."


To celebrate the outcomes of this exceptional in-between moment, KABK will present all of this year’s works on the new platform EXPOSED online, a digital yearbook to be launched on 1 July 2020.

The platform will feature the graduation projects of Eva Dimopulou (GR), Hannakin Henriksson (SE), Haily Kim (KR), Tony Ta (NL), Hee Eun Kim (KR) and Inge Vaandering (NL). Their work will be accompanied by six unique fashion videos. Additionally, the work of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students will be displayed, as well as special projects like the masterclass of product designer Hella Jongerius and the workshop shoe design by Marijke Bruggink. Each year a new generation is added to this digital family tree that grows its very own legacy by reflecting a kaleidoscope of distinctive and personal signs of our times. Exposed Online is created in collaboration with curator Maarten Spruyt and designer Johannes Verwoerd.


After the summer, on the 10th of September 2020, the graduates will present their collections live, in a dedicated fashion presentation, kicking off the Academy-wide 2020 KABK Graduation Show. This presentation will take place in the courtyard of the newly renovated building of the Academy, located at Prinsessegracht 4 in The Hague. The event will be live-streamed, respecting the current safety measures and making it possible to include everybody who cannot attend physically. The winner of the annual Keep an Eye Textile & Fashion Award will also be announced on this day.

Keep an Eye Foundation
This year EXPOSED is again supported by the Keep an Eye Foundation. The Keep an Eye Foundation keeps an eye on talented young artists. By providing grants and awards they assist the brightest musicians, artists, designers, and filmmakers to develop their talents, create new opportunities, and above all, to achieve their creative goals.