Narges Mohammadi wins Piket Art Award 2021

On Monday 22 November 2021, Narges Mohammadi was announced the winner of the Piket Kunstprijs 2021 in the Painting category. Congratulations Narges!

“...Everything about Narges radiates a great passion to create and everything she makes is equally well thought out. Her work shows quality and potential.”
From the jury report

Nominees in the Painting category

two KABK alumni, nominees Piket Art Awards 2021

We congratulate both Narges Mohammadi and Isa van Lier, who were among the three nominees in the category painting of the Piket Kunstprijzen 2021. Narges and Isa graduated in 2020 from the BA Fine Arts at the KABK.

In the following video, expert jury Martine Gosselink (director Mauritshuis) and artist Joncquil de Vries, introduce the three nominees in the Painting category of the Piket Kunstprijzen 2021.

Narges Mohammadi - Passing Traces

Narges Mohamadi
Passing Traces, Narges Mohammadi - Installation view KABK Graduation Show 2020 - photo: Erik de Vries

700 kg of halva – hand stirred flour, butter, shivering hot sugar syrup and soft cardamom flavour prepared by many strong hands. A Persian sweet traditionally prepared at funerals, collectively eaten it comforts the bereaved. Passing traces is a room of halva in a narrow passage-like space. The walls depict impressions of a sober bedroom interior. The furniture leaves traces of a long-lost presence. Just as life is finitely ungraspable, Passing traces follows its own lawless path, slowly decaying and visibly cracking due to gravity's weight.
Graduation project Narges Mohammadi, 2020


Isa van Lier, ZEN SUPERMARKET - Installation view KABK Graduation Show 2020 - photo: Jamal Ageli

In the installation ZEN SUPERMARKET I search for a balance between the silence, calmness and wisdom of a Zen stone garden, as I encountered during my time in Japan last year, and the abundant colorful richness that you can find in a supermarket in 2020, with it’s endless rows of plastic-packed colorful shapes; to come to a new philosophy where these two opposites merge together. Trough this I try to create a new positive language that combines the eastern values and aesthetics with the western. Making a playground where your mind can rest from the dominant intellectual structures we have developed in our minds, to open your self up to a playfulness that speaks to your intuitive, bodily understanding of form.
Graduation project Isa van Lier, 2020

Piket Kunstprijzen

The winners in each category were announced on Monday 22 November and received 8,000 Euros cash prize, and an award, each. The bronze plume award for this year's winners was made by the The Hague artist and KABK alumna 1986, Yke Prins. Read more updates on the Piket Kunstprijzen 2021.