Hattie Wade receives Best Journalism Award in The Hague Film Festival 2020

19 October 2020

The first edition of The Hague Film Festival (TTFF) - took place on Friday 16 October 2020 and was broadcasted live from PIP Den Haag. Formerly known as The Hague Film Awards, the annual awards show has expanded into a fully film oriented festival with screenings, music, entertainment and showcases.

Hattie Wade (Master Non Linear Narrative 2020) nominee under the category Journalism, received the Best Journalism Award for the video work 'Tunnel Vision'.

Tunnel Vision

HD video, 7 minutes

A video by Hattie Wade and Mauro Tosarelli in the context of the collaborative project Six Degrees of Separation between the Non Linear Narrative master's programme at the KABK together with the Rotterdamsebaan, Stroom Den Haag and the Archaeology Department of The Hague.

Mauro Tosarelli and Hattie Wade chose the Golden Rhine Guilder, found in an excavation in the Trekvliet zone, south of The Hague as starting point. The coin was not owned by nobility, but by a man who bought land. This period in The Netherlands marked a turn from feudalism to capitalism and as a result land markets took off, introducing land as a commodity. Tosarelli and Wade conducted interviews with urban planners and property developers to investigate land value in the Binckhorst, and discover how the Rotterdamsebaan and the new Environment and Planning Act will affect development and citizens alike.