School for Young Talent Trimesterexpo #1 - Dec.2019

Students of the Art & Design component of the School for Young Talent present the end results of their 1st semester projects in an exhibition taking place at the Galleries of the KABK.

About the School for Young Talent

The School for Young Talent (School voor Jong Talent, SvJT) is a unique institute established by the University of the Arts, The Hague. The school welcomes students of secondary education, who would like to progress to the Royal Academy of Art, the Royal Conservatoire or the Conservatoire's Dance Department and offers programmes at three levels of the Dutch school system (HAS, HAVO, and VWO), combined with classical dance training or preparatory education in music, or fine art and design.

Students of the Art & Design Component, take art classes at the KABK, which is a 10-minute walk from the Royal Conservatoire. The classes in the first phase of the programme introduce students to various materials and techniques, while they learn how to express and elaborate on their ideas.



Thu 19 December 2019 17.00 - 19:00


Galleries 1 + 2

Entrance fee