The Giant Floating Eyeball - Finance & Algorithm

The Giant Floating Eyeball - Finance & Algorithm is a project collaboration between the Dutch Ministry of Finance and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

38 Graphic Design students (Year 3) work on their second semester assignments for the courses of Typography, Philosophy and Coding focusing on the topic of algorithms, currently used by the Ministry to perform calculations in relation to financial market projection, national budget, and tax.

In the course of the project students will be working with algorithms including the Fibonacci retracement, Twitter sentiment analysis and neural networks – both provided by the ministry and collected by themselves– to investigate the phenomenon of automated data processing and how this relates to notions such as market, speculation, debt, crash, crisis, etc.

After the research phase, during which students will have investigated already existing algorithms and the contexts in which they are being used, they will put these algorithms to a test by using and misusing them in different ways, in a different context, and with different content.

Eventually they will be working towards developing their own algorithms and create visual, interactive or audio-visual interpretations for an exhibition, which will open on 6 June 2019 at the Ministry of Finance in the Hague. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication in the form of three newspapers containing research and process documentation.

Participating students

Clara Lezla & Ruben Visser
Kihyeon Kim & Tilius Sodeika
Maarten Meij & Linda van Houtum
Laura Brouwer & Nicolai Schmelling
Trang Ha & Scene Peng
Brechje Krah, Louana Genter
Martin Menso & Amanda Verberne
Seojeong Youn & Selina Landis
Rafael Colmanetti & Pepijn de Jonge
Anna Moschioni & Zahari Dimitrov
Berglind Jóhannsdóttir & Denise Jansen
Ned Kamburov & Emily Anderson
Isabella Giacomelli & Michelle Jansen
Julia Bichler & Anastasia Umpeleva
Yessica Deira & Eunjin An
Mathab Zamanifar & Vincent Rheinberger
Laura Hilbert & Edward Dzulaj
Frank Hemmekam & Kiki Coster
Nicoletta Radice & Priya Mistry

Project details


Dutch Ministry of Finance

Work produced

Publication, installations, film