Students of the Interior Architecture and Furniture Design department at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague were commissioned to design the Frame Shop at Dutch Design Week 2017

Project details


Frame Publishers

Work produced

Design and construction of furniture for the Frame Store at Dutch Design Week



This year for the third time, Frame curates the pop-up store of the Dutch Design Week in the Klokgebouw. Students of the Royal Academy of Art embraced the multi-layered character of Frame. A combination of modular vertical and horizontal elements form the basis of the designed furniture presented in the store. The design is based on a few pointers: transparency, duality and multicolour. Herewith the modular furniture reflects the versatile brand Frame at best.

The modular aspect of the furniture offers the possibility to design a new composition. A full range of all elements will be shown during Dutch Design Week (21st till 29th of October) The products that are sold in the store are all by exhibitors of the Dutch Design Week.

Students worked together with PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic. This collaboration led to a functional construction that shows the quality of the material as well as the brand Frame.

The design is realised by Mila Baumann, Maria Beaumaster, Iris Bossen, Sarah Bovelett, Rowan de Graaf, Aaron Kopp, Mabel Kraus, Mindy Li, Agathe Lunel, Marieke Neijmeijer, Aliaksandra Pirazhenka, Maja Pop Trajkova, Pien Post, Erik van Schaften, Tijs Struijk, Daphne van der Veer, Kirstine Voetmann, Stan Weessies, Xėnia Weulersse, Dorotėja Žiugždaitė. Project guidance by Giulio Margheri (OMA) and Roel van Herpt (Agency Agency).