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The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), has given the assignment to 4th year Interior Architecture & Furniture Design students, to create concepts for a new design for the the 2019 emancipation awards: the Jos Brink award (for LHBT/LGBTQIA emancipation) and the Joke Smit award (for gender equality).

Project details


Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW)


design concepts, 3D models, mixed media



Deconstructing the Dynamics of an Award

The Jos Brink-prijs and Joke Smit-prijs are awards that offer visibility for the often unrecognised activist work done by individuals or collectives towards the emancipation of Dutch society.

These awards give us an opportunity to acknowledge the important work of activists but also, they demonstrate how we can actively engage in the transformation of the social climate around us. To do this we will collectively dissect the social constructs that these awards ask us to consider; identity, gender and sexuality and broader questions around privilege and access as well as frameworks of power.

For this applied assignment, the students went on field trips and attended talks and presentations by among others:

  • Mama Cash (Emma Herman)
  • San Serriffe (William Pollard)
  • IHILA LGBTQIA++ archives (Jasper Wiedeman)
  • Meet up with Fieke from COC Amsterdam at Cafe Blek
  • ATRIA Institute on Gender Equality and Women’s History

Participating students

Xenia Léonie Weulersse, Erik van Schaften, Pien Post, Maria Wiets Beaumaster, Maja Pop Trajkova.


Gabriel .A. Maher & Karly Rose Bedford