“Every Day Could Be Non-Linear”

Jonathan Hielkema from Touchy Studios has followed a number of graduates to tackle the question:

What do graduates of the master Non Linear Narrative do after their studies?

Lance Laoyan, 7:15 min

In this video we meet Lance Laoyan for his soundwalk around the Vijfhoekpark in Zaandam and learn about the qualities of immersive environmental listening during a field trip to IJmuiden.

Lance is a NLN graduate of 2021 and dedicated sound artist who scrutinises the politics of noise within our natural habitat.

Cyan Bae, 6:37 min

In this video we join Cyan Bae during their postgraduate studies at Leiden University.

Cyan is a NLN graduate of 2020 and now a PhD candidate in International Political Sociology, examining at the Institute of Political Science the role of affective computing in security politics.

Benjamin Earl, 6:50 min

In this video we follow Benjamin Earl as he teaches at the Graphic Design department of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK), and conducts with his students – what he calls – embodied research.

Benjamin is a NLN graduate of 2019 and works in Rotterdam as an autonomous designer.