After graduation

Upon completion of Non Linear Narrative, you will be able to understand complex social and political themes, and how to determine your own position as a graphic designer. At the same time, you can find adequate visual and interactive forms to make those themes insightful to a large audience.

The ideal graduate is a thoughtful investigative designer who is aware of current affairs, chooses their medium wisely, and is familiar with both traditional and new media. They aspire to a career in civil society organisations, such as public broadcasters or NGOs, and can set up an independent design practice.

There is a growing need for socially involved, broadly-oriented designers. The Non Linear Narrative MA programme will teach you new ways of finding and telling stories and, therefore, asking the news to take position vis-à-vis the graphic design discipline.

What do graduates of the master Non Linear Narrative do after their studies?

Jonathan Hielkema from Touchy Studios has followed a number of graduates to tackle the above question.