Bachelor and Master students

Students must submit a personal request for de-registration. The request can be submitted via Studielink or in an email addressed to

The Student Administration department of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) will handle the request for cancellation of the student’s registration and will notify the relevant department and the Financial Administration department via an email to

The Financial Administration department will send the letter confirming de-registration and, where applicable, arrange reimbursement of any excess tuition fees paid.

Students who pay the statutory tuition fees can terminate their enrolment with effect from the first of the month following the date of receipt of the request for deregistration. These students are entitled to a refund of the tuition fees for the remaining months of the period of enrolment. No tuition fees will be refunded if you terminate your registration as a student in July or August (see Article 7.48.4 of the Higher Education and Research Act below).

Students who are still enrolled for another programme in the university are not entitled to restitution. Nor are they entitled to a refund if a Declaration of Tuition Fee Payment has been issued for another educational institution.

Article 7.48.4 Higher Education and Research Act

The student is entitled to the reimbursement of a twelfth of the statutory tuition fee owed by him/her for every month that the academic year lasts after the termination of his/her enrolment, unless a payment arrangement has been made, as defined in Article 7.47, section b. If a student dies during the course of the academic year, a twelfth of the statutory tuition fee that has been paid will be reimbursed for every subsequent month of the academic year following the student's death. If the enrolment is terminated with effect from July or August, the student is not entitled to terminate payment of the instalments as described in Article 7.47, section b, or to reimbursement of the tuition fees paid for those months, unless otherwise regulated by the board of the institution. This section does not apply to the Open University.

Source Article 7.48.4:

Students who pay the institutional tuition fees may terminate their registration prematurely, but are are entitled to reimbursement based on this schedule:

Deregistration or graduation in the period 1 to 30 September

This period is intended for students who will be completing their final credits and therefore obtaining their degree in September. These students must first enrol at the full institutional tuition fee rate and can expect a refund of the difference between the institutional tuition fee and the statutory tuition fee after graduation.

  • In short: this category actually pays the rate equivalent to the statutory tuition fees.

Deregistration or graduation in the period from 1 October to 31 December

Students who deregister in October, November or December are refunded half of the institutional fees.

  • In short: a refund of 50% of the institutional rate.

Deregistration or graduation in the period from 1 January to 31 March

If you deregister in January, February or March, you will be refunded a quarter of the institutional tuition fees.

  • In short: a refund of 25% of the institutional tuition fees.

Students who are still enrolled for another programme in the university are also not entitled to restitution.

The amount to be repaid will always be transferred only after the cancellation period (56 days after the last direct debit) has elapsed.

Preparatory Year students

If you have registered for the Preparatory Year and you do not wish to participate anymore, you can follow the de-registration process:

  • Make an appointment with the Head or the Coordinator of the Preparatory Year.
  • The reasons of deregistration are formulated in an official document, which needs to be signed by you and the Head or Coordinator of the course.
  • If you terminate your study after 1 November of the academic year, you cannot receive a reimbursement of the tuition fee (termination date is based on the signed official document).

Orientation Course students

No course fees will be returned in case of illness, absence or early withdrawal from the Orientation Course.