Sina Dyks winner Textiles - Knit/Weave in ARTSTHREAD Global Design Graduate Show 2021

19 October 2021

We are delighted to announce that Sina Dykes, our recent graduate from the Bachelor Textile & Fashion programme, has been selected as the winner of ARTSTHREAD Global Design Graduate Show 2021 in the Textiles - Knit / Weave category. Congratulations Sina!

Graduation project Stimuli Wiring System by Sina Dyks

"I have become interested in how stimuli enter through our senses and influence our feelings and thus our DNA. In this research I mainly focused on the visual aspect, as well as the effect of color. With this I examined a framework for my way of working. The feelings, structure or details that triggered me, I started to explore and enlarge them. Through the enlargements and playing with optical illusion and layering, every piece of textile is unique.

My work consists of both mechanically produced and hand crafted. Weaving is a technique I'm passionate about. It's 'the bits and bytes' of my brain, it’s woven into my DNA. The technical aspect that comes with weaving; to build a tension field between structures and layers and the mixing of colors is what I enjoy most."

Global Design Graduate Show 2021

5,211 students submitted their work to this second edition of the Global Design Graduate Show, organised by ARTSTHREAD in collaboration with GUCCI. Submissions were shortlisted by a jury of industry professionals who also selected the winners by field of expertise.

A total of ten KABK graduates were shortlisted in this second edition of ARTSTHREAD Global Design Graduate Show.